Liechtenstein 7/48

Central Europe Road Trip Part 3

This principality of about 35,000 is smaller than the District of Columbia. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up in its scenic location nestled between the Eastern and Western Alps.

Liechtenstein flag number.JPG

Since we weren’t allowed to bring the rental car into the country, we had to take a bus from the Austrian city of Feldkirch into Liechtenstein. This was the most difficult border crossing of the trip. And by difficult, I mean a Swiss border guard got on the bus, asked us if we had anything to declare, then let us through.

This is an international border

When we disembarked in Vaduz it was a brilliant cloudless day. The whole country is in a valley between the two major ranges of the Alps. The sky was huge with towering mountains on the horizon. On the Western side was a mount with the residence of the Prince and his family, Vaduz Castle.


Liechtenstein doesn’t offer much to do, but there is so much to see. We went for a walk in weather too warm for December enjoying clear views.


To further solidify the fairy tale feel, upon reentering Austria the sky became close and foggy.


The last part of the Central Europe Road Trip is Slovakia. More vistas ahead.

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