Holy See (Vatican City) 11/48

The smallest country in the world is often known as the Vatican City, but it is no city, merely a tiny island in the ocean that is Rome. It makes up for its size by housing artwork by some of the great artistic giants of history- from individuals like Michelangelo to entire civilizations like the Egyptians. The huge throngs of tourists make it easy to forget that at its core this is a holy site housing the seat of arguably the most powerful religious leader in the world- the Pope.

Back view of St. Peter's

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Malta 10/48

The first people came in the Neolithic era. Next came the Phoenicians, the Romans, then the Byzantines. It was Arab, Norman, Spanish, French, and British, not to mention some of its less famous former rulers. A tiny island nation in the southern Mediterranean, Malta’s history contains a little bit of everything. In its independence it has nurtured its distinct culture on a wild, honey-colored rock surrounded by blue.

DSC05927 (2)

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