Warding off Misanthropy in Rome

I wrote recently about my trip to the Vatican City which is nestled in the giant historical site that is Rome.  Millions of visitors flock every year to Italy’s iconic capital. With sites that span millennia, it’s impossible to see everything in the few short days. Here’s a short guide on how to maintain your sanity while dealing with huge crowds and lines.

Wisteria Rome

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United Kingdom 13/48

London On Foot

You know London. Countless movies and TV shows have shown its famous sites.  I’m not usually one to turn up my nose at the most touristy of sites until I’ve seen them for myself. Thanks to my hosts I was able to see most of the classics, but also got to enjoy some lesser-known spots. And despite being one of the largest cities in Europe, seeing many places is possible on your own feet.

Globe Theater number

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