Stockholm Away from Home- Sweden 16/48

Stockholm is perfect for a weekend visit. It’s not so big that you are unable to see much of it, but at the same time it boasts charming adventure across every bridge.

Spread across 14 islands, Sweden’s capital and Scandinavia’s largest city is known as the Venice of the North. Aquatic views are nearly impossible to avoid from any area. The only downside of all the water is the chilling winds that blow unimpeded over them.

The best way to warm up is the traditional coffee break, Fika. Grab a friend, a coffee, and one of the many Swedish pastries and relax in one of Stockholm’s many fiks (cafes). Probably the most famous Swedish culinary export is the Smörgåsbord, the buffet-style of serving. It’s pretty common nowadays, but it was so revolutionary when it was introduced to the world in 1939 that it is called a “Swedish table” in multiple languages.

The city boasts many museums for every interest type. As a history fan, I checked out the Museum of Medieval Stockholm and the Royal Palace. The first is great for people who like their history interactive. The second is for people who like their history a little more pretentious.

Pictured here is the French-born queen Desiree Clary, who wished she was queen of literally anywhere else so hard that she didn’t even bother going there for over 10 years after her marriage. The picture on the right is of her in Sweden, but it had to be faked because she wasn’t there.

DSC08753 (2)
DSC08808 (2)
DSC08757 (2)
DSC08858 (2)

Sweden’s best feature is its colors. I went in fall, which only magnified the rainbow. Even in the dismal, shortening daylight, wandering the streets offered contrasting views of oranges and verdigris. If nothing else, wander the quiet streets of this northern jewel. But bring a sweater.


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